Welcoming Rosé to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Family
21 May 2024

Welcoming Rosé to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Family

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary team is elated to report that we have several new EJS family members at our Phuket location! These elephants each have unique backgrounds and histories, but they all now share a permanent home, where they can live a life of love, care, and respect. We will be introducing each new elephant in individual blog posts in the coming weeks, but first, we would like to formally welcome the lovely Rosé to EJS. [Update: You can meet and read the stories of Lisa and Jennie in their own dedicated blog posts.]

Rosé is a 47 year old female elephant who was recently rescued from a local riding camp. After arriving at EJS Phuket, she entered quarantine and underwent a thorough physical examination by our veterinary team. Overall, she was found to be physically healthy, though she was given precautionary deworming medication and had several minor lacerations on her trunk which required treatment. We are happy to report that her minor wounds are now almost fully healed. Rosé has several identifiable physical attributes, including tail hair which is naturally very short, and a small hole in her right ear, the cause of which could not be determined.

Currently, Rosé is still settling into her new home, and the brief interactions she has had with the other elephants have been superficial. These closely supervised encounters have included visual, olfactory, and auditory communication between Rosé and others, but no physical touch of a kind indicative of the close bond needed for complete acceptance into the herd has yet been observed. Socially, Rosé is friendly and outgoing, and we are confident that once she is allowed to fully integrate into the herd, her relationships with the other elephants at EJS will blossom into lifelong bonds.