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Elephant Jungle Survival: A Retrospective Look at EJS During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic caused innumerable far-reaching and often devastating difficulties for people around the world, some of which continue to resonate. But less commonly discussed than the ramifications the crisis has had on humans is the severity of the impact that coronavirus – or, often more correctly, the restrictions implemented to limit the spread of […]

Meet Jennie – A Cherished New Arrival at EJS Phuket

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary team is proud to introduce Jennie – a beautiful new addition to our elephant family at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary’s Phuket location! Jennie is the third elephant to be introduced here in our new blog section, and if you haven’t met the others yet, you can read about Rosé and Lisa in […]

Welcoming Rosé to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Family

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary team is elated to report that we have several new EJS family members at our Phuket location! These elephants each have unique backgrounds and histories, but they all now share a permanent home, where they can live a life of love, care, and respect. We will be introducing each new elephant […]

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