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Choke (M)
Born: 2016

Our resident troublemaker, Baby Choke was born in the Chalong district of Phuket, To his mom, Natalie. Choke was rescued with his mom Natalie at the age of 2 months and have been the light of our lives ever since.

Choke is a one of a kind elephant that does what he wants. At the sanctuary, we always get excited when we see Choke running in the jungle, playing with buffalos or his mom. Choke discovers new things everyday and uses his imagination when he finds sticks and stones. Currently growing tusks, Choke’s new favourite thing is to poke mom on the bum with his new tusks.

Natalie (F)
Born: 1999

Natalie was born in Phuket to her mother Dok Khun.  As a young elephant, Natalie worked as a show elephant at hotels where you could pay money to have breakfast with her.  When she got too big, Natalie was moved to the beach where you could pay to go swimming with the elephants. She was then moved to the Big Buddha to be a trekking elephant. Natalie was moved around a few more times after that before she ended up in Chalong district. That was also where Baby Choke was conceived and subsequently born. In 2004 when the tsunami struck, Natalie  was one of the many elephants that were deployed out to sea to rescue victims. Natalie has grown as a mom in the time that she has been here.

Her bond with Choke is beautiful and strong.

Lucky (M)
Born: 2007

Lucky was born in Phuket and was put to work in an elephant show until he was 5. He was then moved to a riding camp where he spent another 5 years, carrying people on his back.

Lucky has been a wonderful addition to the sanctuary. An extremely compassionate elephant, Lucky is always seen taking food from the food pile and sharing it with other elephants.

Cherry (F)
Born: 1988

Born and bred in captivity, Cherry was first put to work at a huge hotel as an entertainment elephant. Cherry later moved to a riding camp at Cherng Talay where she was put to work, carry people, for the next few years after that. For the next 10 years, Cherry would spend her time moving from various riding camps from the Big Buddha to Chalong until she was rescued by the sanctuary.

Cherry suffers from cataracts and can be  observed with a white cloud around both her eyes. Cherry also has long nipples  from years of self stimulation (a  by-product of the lack of stimulation that  captive elephants suffer from).

At the sanctuary, Cherry now spends her time with her bestfriends, Kiao Ta and Dok Khun, who protect her and guide her in her daily life.

Dok Khun (F)
Born: 1981

Dok Khun, mother to Natalie and  Grandma to Baby Choke, was born in the Siam safari camp. Dok Khun was then moved to a riding camp in Kalim Beach. It was there where she gave birth to her daughter Natalie.

After her separation from Natalie, Dok Khun was put to work at a riding camp until she was 34.

Dok Khun is an extremely rotound elephant and spends her days grazing and munching. Occasionally, Dok Khun is seen running… after sacks of corn.

Dok Ngoen (F)
Born: 1948

Dok Ngoen, our second oldest rescue was born in Phetchabun Province. As a young elephant, Dok Ngoen was made to work at a logging camp for 40 years.

In her 40s, Dok Ngoen was moved to Phangha Province where she would work  as a trekking elephant for close to 30  years.

The scars that Dok Ngoen carries on her ears and body, bears as markings for a  life we are glad she has left behind.

Fino (F)
Born: 1945

Our oldest rescue, Fino worked as a logging elephant in Phetchabun Province for a long long time.

She was then moved to Phuket. In Phuket, Fino was put to work in a riding camp for the next 10 years after that. Up until the point she was rescued, Fino had worked for more than 60 years.

At the sanctuary, Fino can be seen spending most of her free time grazing with the buffalos.

Lam Yai (F)
Born: 1962

Lam Yai was born in Pattani Province. Lam Yai spent the first half of her life working as a loggin elephant in different provinces in Thailand. In her 30s, Lam Yai got into an accident. She slipped and broke her leg while hauling a log down a slippery, slope in the rain.

Because of her injury, Lam Yai became of little use to her owner, who sold her to another owner. Lam Yai would spend the next 20 odd years between logging and riding places before eventually being rescued by the sanctuary at 54.

When in the presence of Lam Yi, one can feel her quiet energy.

Malee (F)
Born: 2011

Mali was born in Phuket where she worked as an entertainment elephant at a hotel. Born and bred in captivity, Malee enjoys the attention from her caregivers. Her caregivers are often seen shaking their heads and laughing at her mini temper tantrums.

A boisterous elephant, Malee can be seen socialising with the older girls and her best friend Valentine. Malee can also be seen cuddling up to her favourite handlers or asking for treats.

Nanfa (F)
Born: 1950

From a young age, Nanfa was put to work in various logging camps around Thailand. Roughly 30 years ago, Nanfa was moved to Phangha where she was put to work as a trekking elephant at a riding camp.

Like Dok Ngoen, Nanfa carries all the scars of her previous life on her ears, forehead and all across her body. Although it is visibly obvious that Nanfa’s had a hard life, Nanfa carries a lot of youth spirit in her and can always be seen running towards food.

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