Road to Recovery Naamom’s Story

The domestication of the Asian elephants has been a part of Thai culture for 400 years. Elephants in Thailand have been used in the war, for transportation, for logging and for the tourist industry.

Most captive elephants are kept in isolation (separate from other elephants) or being chained to a post with a short chain (restricts movement). When this happens, psychological behaviours surface on the elephants with behaviours such as vigorous swaying/weaving, biting down on trunk, nipple tugging and holding trunk to tail.

Unfortunately, these behaviours do not stop when the isolation stops. The rewarding of the behaviour, over time, makes a habit out of the psychological behaviours. It is when the behaviours become a habit, that they are harder to break.

Naamon, our 15-year-old mother has been fresh out of the entertainment industry. We are confident that she will eventually stop her habitual head bopping. The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary will be giving monthly progress reports on Naamon.

So keep your eyes peeled!

Month 1

The following video was taken when Naamon had only been with Elephant Jungle Sanctuary for five days. Here mind still broken from working in the entertainment industry, her head wobbles almost uncontrollably from side to side while her three month old baby plays happily around her feet.

Naamon and Thanwa had been passed from sanctuary to sanctuary until we learned of what was going on, that’s when we stepped in and took Naamon and her new born into our home.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most sanctuary’s are that in only name, so worried about their image, and what the public think, that they cast aside those that truly need help. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary will always be there to help when we can and would never turn an elephant away for fear of what the public might think.

Over the next few month’s we hope to show you what a difference it makes having a loving and caring home. In the coming month’s we will post updates and videos, so you can follow Naamon’s progress and walk with her on the road to recovery.

Month 1 update

For those of us who met Naamon 3 weeks ago, you would be thrilled to know that she has significantly calmed down and is starting to integrate with her peers. We were certain that we could help her and all in due time. For every one who believed in us, THANK YOU. For those who didn’t, it’s okay, we understand that you were only looking out for her well-being. Love and light guys!

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