Valentine (M)
Born: 2009

On the 14th of February, 2009, Baby Valentine was born to his mom Pimpa.     

Born and raised in Phuket, Valentine has been put to work as an entertainment elephant in various hotels.     

During his first few years as an  entertainment elephant, Valentine worked as a ‘meet and greet’ elephant at hotel lobbies, where he would do tricks and perform for guests. When Valentine got too big, He was moved to an elephant camp where he would work as a trekking elephant for the next 3 years.     

Valentine was rescued in 2017 (same time as his mom, Pimpa) Everyone at the  sanctuary will never forget the day Pimpa and Valentine were reunited. To this day, they still have a close bond and Valentine can be seen between socializing with the younger elephants and going to his mom for cuddles.   

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