Saw Nui (F)
Born: 1981

Although, Saw Nui is of Eastern decent (both her parents were from the Surin province in Thailand), she was born in the South. Saw Nui, born and bred in captivity, was put to work in various logging camps around the island. As a young elephant, Saw Nui miscarried the baby she was carrying. We believe this left a traumatic impact on her, as elephants are very emotional creatures. Since then, Saw Nui never had another young again.

At the sanctuary, Saw Nui plays the role of full time baby sitter and care takes for the 3 young elephants. The little ones are also in love with her. Being the ‘cool aunt’, we always observe the children running around and always crowding around her in play. This is especially helpful to Katin and Peter who were separated from their moms at a very young age and are growing up at the sanctuary as orphans.

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