Sandee (F)
Born: 1948

San-Dee’s story is a one of a kind. 

Born in the south of Thailand, San-Dee was a logging elephant for a long time. Too old to log, San-Dee was moved to a riding camp where she continued working for a long time. Now, San-Dee’s story did not end there. San-Dee was one of the lucky few that got adopted by a sanctuary. For the next few years, San-Dee would lead a blissful life, roaming free and getting fed without having to work for her meals. The sanctuary unfortunately could not afford to keep her and contacted Elephant Jungle sanctuary for assistance.

We will never forget the emotions that was running on the day of San-Dee’s transfer. To see the love they have for her made the transfer more emotional. San-Dee’s story is an affirmation to the positive change that is happening with regards to Elephant welfare in Thailand.

Another ‘Proper Grandma’, San-Dee spends her free time grazing the space in the sanctuary. San-Dee also enjoys the company of the older elephants but finds the younger elephants pesky and shoos them away. They also know to steer clear of her.

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