Pong Si (F)
Born: 1949

When we first met Pong Si, we were shocked at how underweight she was. Pong Si, aged 69 had had a long hard life prior to being rescued.

Pong Si worked in a logging camp before being transferred out to work for a riding camp in Krabi. The riding camp she worked at however started having financial troubles. A lack of customers meant that they had to start regulating the amount of food Pong Si was given. Over the years, this started taking a toll on Pong Si and her health. Before we could transfer Pong Si out, the Southern Elephant Hospital was asked to come in so that we could ensure that Pong Si would be certified safe for travel. Pong Si was given IV Fluids to make sure she was properly hydrated.

Now, Pong Si has settled into her new environment. In a way though, she is still healing from her past traumatic experiences. Ever so often, we see her cowering when someone approaches. We are however extremely grateful that she is trying. Pong Si seems a lot happier now and that is really all we can ask for.

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