Meet Our Elephants

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Nong Paeng & Wassana (F)
Born: 2005 & 2017
Thip (F)
Born: 2003
Kai Mook (pearl) (F)
Born: 2017
Moon & Ponchanee (F)
Born: 1980 & 2017
Boon Chan (F)
Born: 1978
Buakam (F)
Born: 1983

Buakam is the proud mother of four healthy children. Her youngest child “Jungle” now lives with her in the sanctuary.

Bomhai (F)
Born: 1958
Choke (M)
Born: 2016

Our resident troublemaker, Baby Choke was born in the Chalong district of Phuket, To his mom, Natalie. Choke was rescued with his mom Natalie at the age of 2 months and have been the light of our lives ever since.

Choke is a one of a kind elephant that does what he wants. At the sanctuary, we always get excited when we see Choke running in the jungle, playing with buffalos or his mom. Choke discovers new things everyday and uses his imagination when he finds sticks and stones. Currently growing tusks, Choke’s new favourite thing is to poke mom on the bum with his new tusks.

Natalie (F)
Born: 1999

Natalie was born in Phuket to her mother Dok Khun.  As a young elephant, Natalie worked as a show elephant at hotels where you could pay money to have breakfast with her.  When she got too big, Natalie was moved to the beach where you could pay to go swimming with the elephants. She was then moved to the Big Buddha to be a trekking elephant. Natalie was moved around a few more times after that before she ended up in Chalong district. That was also where Baby Choke was conceived and subsequently born. In 2004 when the tsunami struck, Natalie  was one of the many elephants that were deployed out to sea to rescue victims. Natalie has grown as a mom in the time that she has been here.

Her bond with Choke is beautiful and strong.

Lucky (M)
Born: 2007

Lucky was born in Phuket and was put to work in an elephant show until he was 5. He was then moved to a riding camp where he spent another 5 years, carrying people on his back.

Lucky has been a wonderful addition to the sanctuary. An extremely compassionate elephant, Lucky is always seen taking food from the food pile and sharing it with other elephants.

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