Natalie (F)
Born: 1999

Natalie was born in Phuket to her mother Dok Khun.  As a young elephant, Natalie worked as a show elephant at hotels where you could pay money to have breakfast with her.  When she got too big, Natalie was moved to the beach where you could pay to go swimming with the elephants. She was then moved to the Big Buddha to be a trekking elephant. Natalie was moved around a few more times after that before she ended up in Chalong district. That was also where Baby Choke was conceived and subsequently born. In 2004 when the tsunami struck, Natalie  was one of the many elephants that were deployed out to sea to rescue victims. Natalie has grown as a mom in the time that she has been here.

Her bond with Choke is beautiful and strong.

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