Nadia (F)
Born: 2003

Nadia was born and bred in captivity. Throughout her childhood, Nadia formed attachments to her different handlers only to have them change.

As an infant, Nadia was put to work as an entertainment elephant, performing and doing tricks for people’s entertainment. When she got bigger, Nadia moved to trekking place where she would carry people on her back going out for walks. Nadia would go through a handful of handlers/places before she would be rescued.

When Nadia first arrived at the sanctuary, her anxiousness affected everything. Nadia was constantly agitated and would sway from side to side, not knowing who to trust. It took about 4 months for Nadia to fully calm down and learn to trust. Now, Nadia enjoys her quiet time with older elephants like Saw Nui and Duang Chai Nadia also plays well with her younger foster siblings.

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