Mae Thong (F)
Born: 1951

Mae Thong was born and bred for captivity. From an early age, Mae Thong was separated from her mom and started her long life working for companies. From logging to riding. Mae Thong constantly on the move. While working in a riding camp in Rawai, Mae Thong was bought over by an entertainment company. While we do not condone things like riding, Mae Thong was treated very well there. Mae Thong worked there for 7 years until they were unable to afford to keep her.

Mae Thong is the joins our group of elephants in the Matriarch Project. The Matriarch Project is a project that aims at giving a second lease on life to old, retired elephants. While the cost of rescue for older elephants is slightly cheaper, the rescues typically come with a whole list of medical problems. Our older rescues are given a special diet with supplements and enzymes to aid digestion. Our in-house vet is also on call to treat our Matriarchs whenever the need arises.

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