Kiow Ta (F)
Born: 1952

In 1958, a 6 years old Kiow Ta was separated from her mom and brought from the North of Thailand (Chiang Mai), to the south.     

Kiow Ta would move around to various parts of Thailand doing different types of jobs, ranging from logging, entertainment and riding.     

Shortly after that, Kiow Ta moved again, this time to Phuket where she would stay for a long time. Kiow Ta worked in various parts of Phuket, but most distinctly, at an elephant camp in Rawai where she would carry people on her back.     

Kiow Ta was rescued in 2016 and has  enjoyed her freedom with her best friends  (Destiny’s Child), Cherry and Dok Khun.     

At the sanctuary, Kiow Ta can be seen keeping up with the younger girls but also keeping them in check. In short, she’s a proper grandma.   

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