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Saw Nui (F)
Born: 1981

Although, Saw Nui is of Eastern decent (both her parents were from the Surin province in Thailand), she was born in the South. Saw Nui, born and bred in captivity, was put to work in various logging camps around the island. As a young elephant, Saw Nui miscarried the baby she was carrying. We believe this left a traumatic impact on her, as elephants are very emotional creatures. Since then, Saw Nui never had another young again.

At the sanctuary, Saw Nui plays the role of full time baby sitter and care takes for the 3 young elephants. The little ones are also in love with her. Being the ‘cool aunt’, we always observe the children running around and always crowding around her in play. This is especially helpful to Katin and Peter who were separated from their moms at a very young age and are growing up at the sanctuary as orphans.

Nadia (F)
Born: 2003

Nadia was born and bred in captivity. Throughout her childhood, Nadia formed attachments to her different handlers only to have them change.

As an infant, Nadia was put to work as an entertainment elephant, performing and doing tricks for people’s entertainment. When she got bigger, Nadia moved to trekking place where she would carry people on her back going out for walks. Nadia would go through a handful of handlers/places before she would be rescued.

When Nadia first arrived at the sanctuary, her anxiousness affected everything. Nadia was constantly agitated and would sway from side to side, not knowing who to trust. It took about 4 months for Nadia to fully calm down and learn to trust. Now, Nadia enjoys her quiet time with older elephants like Saw Nui and Duang Chai Nadia also plays well with her younger foster siblings.

Peter (M)
Born: 2019

Separated from mom at birth, Peter grew up as a tourist attraction until he was rescued.

Peter joined our family in 2017 at the age of 1. Peter’s character is that of a massive puppy. Peter seems to strike a balance between being around the adults and playing with the other babies. A bit of a pushover, Baby Meena always has her way with him. We always find amusement in observing Peter shake it off and continue playing with his older foster sibling.

Wandee (F)
Born: 1997

Born in Surin (East of Thailand), Wan Dee was separated from her mom at a young age. While seeking jobs, her owners would travel from the East to the South of Thailand where she would eventually end up. For the next 12 years, Wan Dee was put to work in various riding camps around the island. It was also during this time that she conceived Meena (through breeding).

Wan Dee was rescued in 2016 along side her baby. The one thing that strikes us the most about Wan Dee is her patience as a mom. Wan Dee’s ability to give her daughter space to explore while keeping a nice safe distance really astounds us in her mothering abilities.

At the sanctuary, Wan Dee spends her time exploring the grounds with her daughter Meena.

Sandee (F)
Born: 1948

San-Dee’s story is a one of a kind. 

Born in the south of Thailand, San-Dee was a logging elephant for a long time. Too old to log, San-Dee was moved to a riding camp where she continued working for a long time. Now, San-Dee’s story did not end there. San-Dee was one of the lucky few that got adopted by a sanctuary. For the next few years, San-Dee would lead a blissful life, roaming free and getting fed without having to work for her meals. The sanctuary unfortunately could not afford to keep her and contacted Elephant Jungle sanctuary for assistance.

We will never forget the emotions that was running on the day of San-Dee’s transfer. To see the love they have for her made the transfer more emotional. San-Dee’s story is an affirmation to the positive change that is happening with regards to Elephant welfare in Thailand.

Another ‘Proper Grandma’, San-Dee spends her free time grazing the space in the sanctuary. San-Dee also enjoys the company of the older elephants but finds the younger elephants pesky and shoos them away. They also know to steer clear of her.

Pi-Kul (F)
Born: 1950

The entirety of Pi Kul’s history, up until the point she was rescued, was the intertwining of logging and riding camps. Born in a province in the south, Pi Kul went through many change of handlers throughout her life. This meant inconsistency. Pi Kul moved from riding to logging camps constantly.

The first thing we noticed about Pi Kul upon her rescue was her graying eyes. Like our many other rescues, Pi Kul suffered from cataracts. The inability to see clearly made Pi Kul very anxious when she first arrived. Pi Kul was hostile towards her handlers and her peers for a while. Now, Pi Kul is fully integrated into the program and enjoys the company of her peers and her caretakers.

Duang Chai (F)
Born: 1970

Born to the Tak province in the North of Thailand, Duang Chai has traveled to many places in her life before rescue. As a young elephant, Duang Chai was brought to the Surin province in the East, where she would live her life in a logging camp. As a young elephant, Duang Chai would work in various logging and riding camps. Eventually, in her travels, Duang Chai ended up in the South, traveling between Phang nga and Phuket – as her owner looked for working opportunities.

Duang Chai is an introverted elephant who likes to stay in shaded areas of the sanctuary. Duang Chai also likes her alone time and has bonded well with her peers and caregivers.

Meena (F)
Born: 2016

Our little evil genius. Meena was born in Phuket to her mom, Wan-Dee. Meena was rescued at 6 months and has been a ball of joy to be around. Meena is also Choke’s half sister (same father, different mother)

Always her mother’s shadow. Meena’s character has always baffled us. She strikes a good balance of being mommy’s little assistant to getting her own space to play and be her own little woman. Her combination of playfulness and immense intelligence sometimes gets her into trouble with the older elephants. Meena, however, always knows how to wiggle her way out of tight situations.

A beautiful young, elephant bursting with energy, we cannot wait to see all the mischief Meena is going to get into.

Ka Tin (F)
Born: 2018

Separated from mom at birth, Katin, like Peter, also grew up as a tourist attraction until she was rescued. Born and bred in captivity, Katin would live the first year of her life, selling tickets for places along the Big Buddha. Katin is the half sister to Peter and a wonderful playmate.

At the sanctuary, the two are always being observed to walk aimlessly until being called back. There is also a lot of affection for Katin and Peter at the camp as the older elephants protect them and nurture them.

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