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Baithong (F)
Born: 2002

Baithong was saved just before her sweet 16 birthday, and now lives a happy life free from the torment of having a howdah placed on her back every day for unwitting tourists to ride her around in exchange for a few bananas.

Baithong is the youngest of the herd.

Boon me (F)
Born: 1950

Boon me has been around for many years and if she could talk the stories she would be able to tell you. She’s gone from riding camp to riding camp all over Thailand and has seen a think of two.

Boon me is the eldest and the wised in the group and keeps the younger elephants in check.

Siriporn (F)
Born: 1983

Siriporn came to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary from a riding camp in September 2017 and has been lovingly cared for ever since and loves to hang out with her new friends down at the mud spa.

After the showering Siriporn can sometimes be seen holder a scrubbing brush like she’s singing in the shower.

Som O (F)
Born: 1998

Som O like many unfortunate elephants was born into a life of pain and destined to spend her life with a howdah (chair) on her back until Elephant Jungle Sanctuary was able to give her a new home.

Sam O spends her time with Baithong and the pair are often seen feeding each other Pineapple grass.

Wassana (F)
Born: 1988

Wassana joined the EJS family in September of 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Research suggests that elephants are empathic creatures and Wassana certainly backs up this theory. After the tour guests will sometimes tell us how they have been trouble recently and that as soon as they meet Wassana they felt at ease, as if their troubles faded away.

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