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Mae-Ja (F)
Born: 1950
Parents: Unknown

Mae-Ja was originally from the Mae Chaem District. She is the mother of Soom-Boorn, who is the middle child of three. Mae-Ja experienced the hardships of working life from an early age, first being employed to haul lumber at a logging camp. After two decades in the timber industry, she began work at a jungle-based riding camp, where she lived for approximately ten years. Folowing this, Mae-Ja was moved to a riding camp in Mae Tang, where she worked for a further 20-25 years. Eventually, due to her age and lifelong hard labour, she became unable to continue work at her final riding camp. Thankfully, Mae-Ja was permitted by her owner to move with her son to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, where she is free to enjoy a relaxed and happy retirement.

Aura (F)
Born: 2003
Parents: Unknown

Originally from the same village in Mae Chaem as Soom-Boorn and Mae-Ja, Aura spent eight years of her life working alongside Soom-Boorn at an elephant camp. Following the founding of Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, her owner decided to do the ethical thing, and sent her to the Sanctuary to live a happy and peaceful life.

Ly-Chee (F)
Born: 2012
Parents: Unknown

Born in a riding camp in Mae Chaem, where her mother was working. After living with her mother for three years, her owner decided to separate them, and sent Ly-Chee to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary to live a peaceful life. While Elephant Jungle Sanctuary disagrees with the practice of forced separation of young elephants from their mothers, Ly-Chee is certain to enjoy a more pleasant life with us than she would at her former home. We endeavour to someday reunite the family at our Sanctuary, though our efforts to accomplish this have thus far not resulted in an agreement.

Soom-Boorn (M)
Born: 1990
Parents: Mae-Ja (mother)

The son of Mae-Ja, Soom-Boorn was born in the Mae Chaem District. Like his mother, he began work at an early age. Soom-Boorn spent approximately 20 years working as a riding and show elephant at Mae Tang. Following his mother’s retirement, Soom-Boorn was allowed by his owner to accompany her to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary on compassionate grounds.

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