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Mea-Boon-Me (F)
Born: 1965
Parents: Kum-You (mother) and Kum-Ma (father)

She is the mother of 5 children, which is quite impressive once you learn that elephant pregnancies often last for 2 years! Mea-Boon-Me spent her early life being forced to work in a  Mae Hong Son logging camp, before working at 7 different North Thailand riding camps. 

Chom-Poo (Rose Apple) (M)
Born: 1999
Parents: Mae-Boon-Mee (mother) and Poo-Ja (father)

Chom-Poo is the mother of Ya-Ya, her only child. She has had a varied work history, including five separate riding camps, and a stint living at Chiang Mai Zoo.

Mae-Chan-Sri (F)
Born: 1990
Parents: Mae Boon Mee (mother) and Boon-Nuan (father)

Mae-Chan-Sri has two children, Nong-Ying and Nong-Pee, who resides at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Camp 2. Before finding refuge at the Sanctuary, Mae-Chan-Sri previously worked at five different elephant camps throughout Northern Thailand.

Kai Mook (M)
Nong-Ying (F)
Born: 2006
Parents: Mae-Chan-Sri (mother) and Boon-Nuan (father)

Nong-Ying first worked in Lampang Province, and was later sold to three successive riding camps, before finding a loving home at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.

Ya-Ya (F)
Born: 2013
Parents: Chom-Poo (mother) and Boon-Ngern (father)

After working for several riding camps, Ya-Ya was rescued and transferred to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Ya-Ya’s mother Chom-Poo also lives at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.

Mae Moon & Baby (F)
Born: 1986 and 2014
Nong Pang (F)
Mae Thip (F)
Po (F)
Born: 1991
Parents: Suamitt

Po joined the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary family in 2016, before that she used to work in a logging camp in Tak province.

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