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Nong-Mai-Noii (F)
Born: 2000
Parents: Phlai-Boon-Ngern (mother) and Phlai-Si-Ri (father)

Nong-Mai-Noii first worked in an elephant show. Following a brief retirement, she found her home at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Nong Mai Noii gave birth to a son named Pituk in 2014.

Pituk (M)
Born: 2014
Parents: Nong-Mai-Noii (mother) and Phlai-Boon-Phat (Father)

Pituk’s birth resulted in his mother being unable to walk. Because of this, she was retired from the elephant camp at which she worked.

Boon-Ja (F)
Born: 1980
Parents: Ca-Yon (mother) and Poo-Dom (father)

Before she came to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Boon-Ja was forced to work hard in at least 4 riding camps in various North Thailand regions.

Poo-Sri Kaew (M)
Born: 2011 (at a riding camp)
Parents: Mae-Boon-Ja (mother) and Boon Pat (father)

After being sold and working at two further camps, he found the refuge of Elephant Jungle Sanctuary alongside his mother.

Boon-Eurn (Ni-Na) (F)
Born: 2010 (at an elephant camp)
Parents: Mae-Ja-Po (mother) and Gong-Prai (father)

Ni-Na had a tragic start to life. Her mother, Mae-Ja-Po, passed away while Ni-Na was very young – The result of eating some toxic grass. Following this, Ni-Na stayed with, and was raised by her aunt. She previously lived at 2 riding camps.

Mae-Chan-Daeng (F)
Born: 1994 (Mae Hong Son Province)
Parents: Unknown

She was sold to and worked at three consecutive elephant riding camps before being rescued by Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Mae-Chan-Daeng gave birth to her first child at the end of 2013.

Auang (F)
Born: Late 2013
Parents: Mae-Chan-Daeng (mother) and Thong-Prai (father)

She spent her early life at an elephant camp, but has fortunately been able to accompany her mother to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.

Mae-Boon-Sri (Nong P) (F)
Born: 2012
Parents: Mae-Chan-Sri (mother) and Thong-Prai (father)

Nong P is Auang’s half-sister. Before joining her family at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, she spent time at two riding camps.

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