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Phuket, the pearl of Thailand. Best known for its crystal-clear blue sea and incredible beaches, Phuket attracts local and international tourists who look for special experiences and adventure. But what is more about Phuket? Elephant Jungle Sanctuary (EJS) is here for you to explore.

Our eco-tourism project to support elephant welfare and raise awareness about them. Through our fun, unique and educational programs, you will have a chance to interact with elephants in the safety and security of their natural home. From feeding, showering, and getting up close, you can find it here at EJS. We also serve lines of special coffee blends at our elephant cafe.

Taste the unique blends at EJS Elephant Cafe Phuket

Have you ever tried elephant dung coffee? Elephant dung coffee beans are considered one of the world’s most expensive beans. When elephants consume coffee beans, their digestive enzymes break down coffee protein and influence such unique results. With a 48-hour long digestion process, the coffee beans become robust and aromatic. All of the purchases at our cafe will become a fund for elephant’s food and mahouts.

Find your desirable activities

We aim to give visitors insight into the behavior and the personal history of elephants and understand why we need to protect them. Therefore all of our programs will help you interact with magnificent elephants as much as possible.

  • Half-day program: Walk with our guide to find free-roaming elephants. Shower and feed *No elephant riding
  • Feed the elephants.
  • Try elephant dung coffee and food menus.
  • Free entrance

Beside relaxing time at our Elephant Cafe Phuket, the best part is you’ll get a special chance to be close with these magnificent elephants. Our goal is to contribute a positive change to elephant life and their future. Everytime you visit our sanctuary, your purchases will turn into a fund for our elephant projects. We hope to see you here!

Operating time: 9.00-18.00hrs daily

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