Bathing With Our Elephants

Elephants that are no longer considered wild are domesticated and they need all the love and attention that normal household pets receive. If elephants are left in the wild, it becomes almost impossible to interact with them the way we do at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Mud spa and bathing with elephants are just our way of showing the elephants that we truly care about them. The mud spa or elephant mud bath is not only fun for the elephants, but it is also a way to build a natural defense on their skin to keep them clean. Elephants really like to be clean as their skin is sensitive, so it is common to see an elephant bathing in Thailand. Elephants mud baths are also important as it protects their skin from being burnt by the harsh sun.

For our mahouts, bathing with elephants is also a sign of trust and affection that they can express to their elephants, they also help clean the harder to reach spots to ensure that the elephant is thoroughly cleaned. Elephants also enjoy the water to cool down and sometimes they like to throw water at each other as a form of playing. Spending time with them in daily activities makes the bond between elephants and humans stronger and shows them the affection that they may not have received before. Elephants that are no longer considered wild need this love and attention otherwise they will not be social or cooperative in the sanctuary.

Our visitors can experience the joy of bathing with elephants at all our sanctuaries. This is because we understand that people want to really connect with the elephants. While feeding them or walking with them provide a very interesting experience, bathing with elephants gets you close and right with the elephants. This is where they are most comfortable and most likely to interact with you. For a lot of people, especially children, this is an important life experience that is memorable and joyous. This is a chance for any visitor to interact with this majestic animal in a way they have never done so before because zoos and safaris don’t allow any kind of interaction with elephants. It is always a pleasure to watch visitors becoming friends with our elephants. If you really feel like you’ve made a friend with one of our elephants, you can always come back and visit because as we all know, elephants never forget!

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